Knowing the utmost importance with which our customers regard print quality, the KMi research scientists, chemists and technicians strive for depth of understanding of the lithographic process on both theoretical and practical terms. The theoretical insights come from the study of the sciences of polymers and their solutions, chemistries of synthesis, physics of colour, complex colloidal fluids, surfactants and surfaces, viscosity in shear and elongation, dynamic trouton ratios, filamentation mechanisms, fluid elasticity, time-dependent clustering and percolation, and more.

The practical product optimization results from the co-ordination of intelligent experiments in resin synthesis, in varnish and ink formulation, in laboratory evaluation of ink property inter-relationship, in production techniques and extensive press testing of developed products in co-operation with our customers. These are used to drive the ongoing product improvement and optimization program.

All our products are designed to minimize their environmental impact, complying with health and safety standards.

There are four separate laboratories in the lithographic ink plant; oil ink R&D, resin and varnish R&D with resin plant production control, oil ink quality control, and a manufacturing optimization laboratory.