Kwang Myung ("Shining Bright") Ink Manufacturing Company is an expanding, privately owned ink
manufacturer, based in the major port city of Korea, Busan. (pop. 6 million)

The lithographic ink manufacturing plant and corporate head office is purpose-built, comprising a resin
plant and an ink factory, commissioned in 2002. This plant's annual capacity is in excess of 20,000
tones. Liquid inks are manufactured at a separate facility.

The staff of approximately one hundred and twenty are motivated, experienced and notably stable,
the company culture one of enthusiasm combined with dedication.

The company philosophy is concentration of effort on a few major products, striving to bring to them technological excellence and the economies of scale resulting from this concentration.

This philosophy is fed into the design of the new plant to maximize efficiency in manufacture.

The main products are lithographic offset ink - coldest news ink, heatset and sheetfed, the three of closely related technology due to the particular physio-chemical demands of the lithographic offset printing process.

With this in mind, the new plant was designed to convert rosin and fine chemicals into ink resin, the resin and oil to varnish, the varnish and pigment to ink.

Our customers strive to achieve the highest levels of print quality as a matter of routine and, amongst many things, this requires inks of unvarying quality characteristics. As KMI has control of the whole process, from the basic raw materials of the resins to the finished product, there is continual testing and adjusting of the process throughout the manufacturing, resulting in fine consistent quality.

KMI has grown from a local manufacturer to be a global supplier through an extensive network of service centers, supplying high technology and high quality products.

This global market continues to challenge and excite KMI and our innovative technologists.