Through hard effort and fierce determination KMi has become expert in the manufacturing technology of highly efficient automatic line production of quality printing inks. Skilled chemical engineers and technicians synthesize resins in three high temperature reactors.

These discharge into varnish kettles allowing resin transfer in the molten state. The varnish is filtered into storage tanks, which feed mill-base weigh stations, the mill-base then dropping into large pre-wetting holding tanks. These tanks feed eight colour dedicated automatic production lines. We utilize then advanced Buhler K240 or K120 shot mills, then one floor down, run over the Buhler Sapphire, SDV 1300 or Inoue three roll mills, which in turn are linked to the ink let-down tank farm, finally linking to the filter and weigh-out stations or through the polishing/vacuum packing line for sheetfed products.

In short, the plant is designed for manufacturing efficiencies, minimal material handling, with state of the art ink mills.

On the ground floor there is a complete traditional ink factory, for other color production, of the mix-three roll mill-remix type, or production via flushing.

There are many pigment manufacturers, both multinational and regional, in Korea. Because of the competition the standard of product is excellent and at the same time cost-competitive. Such a wide range of excellent pigments and press cake has allowed KMi to focus its technology on resin and varnish, these technologies being the crucial determinants for most of the printing characteristics of an ink.

There are many parameters that should be controlled for the manufacture of quality printing inks. For optimum ink properties we utilize the sophisticated Buhler shot and three roll mills in line to produce higher gloss, transparency and narrow particle size distribution. Skilled technicians with extensive knowledge and experience maintain constant production quality to satisfy our own high standards and our customers' demands.